The Orchestra

Sinfonietta Hellenica was founded in August 2018 by Maestro Georgios Galanis, violinist Jannis Georgiades and a circle of young musicians, who had recently graduated from conservatories and music departments in Greece and abroad. During its first year, the orchestra was hosted by Piraeus Society under the name “Piraeus Symphony Orchestra”, where it gave its first concerts. Among its most brilliant moments, was the Opera Gala at Piraeus Municipal Theater in June 2019, with celebrated Greek lyric singers.

Sinfonietta Hellenica has performed in several music festivals throughout Greece, such as the Aegean Arts Festival in Crete and the Aegean Opera Festival in Syros island. Apart from Athens, the orchestra has performed in several Greek cities including Thessaloniki, Larisa, Patras and Heraklion. The ensemble has collaborated with quite a few Greek soloists during its short existence. Among them are the pianist Ioannis Potamousis, the cellist Asterios Pouftis and singers Philippos Modinos, Kassandra Dimopoulou, Marilena Striftombola, Dimosthenis Stavrianos, Sophia Papadimitropoulou and others.

Sinfonietta Hellenica has a broad repertoire starting from Bach and the classical composers, up until the 20th century and contemporary music. However, its main core includes music of the classical and early romantic period.

The ensemble is conducted by its founder and music director Georgios Galanis.



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